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IT project management at INFOCHIEF is a training program designed based on the project management method of PMI (Project Management Institute), simultaneously researching and combining the practice documents for project management in the IT field of Infochief.

To help learners who have worked in the IT project field to have a concise practising method, in-depth application in IT project managements such as Data-center, Software development, Data warehouse, ERP deployment, ITSM.


 i. The training course will provide you with skills to assure progress of the project within the set budget, meeting the requirements as initially planned
ii. The learners will be taught the actual knowledge on project management and can apply immediately to efficiently manage their projects via examples and simulations, actual topics at their enterprises
iii. The learners will rapidly know how to approach tough IT projects, projects in progress, analyxing and re-etablishing the project structure.

What learners gain and can do after the training course ?

1. Know how to recognize risks of IT projects based on bindings within the project scope, budget and progress
2. To understand the core knowledge about 5 phases for implementation of an IT project as per the standards set by the Project Management Institute
3. To know how to set 12 project plans and organization for management of the project as per PMI standard
4. To be expert at using 15 templates for construction of project plans and successfully implement any actual IT project
5. To know how to organize and manage a specific IT project such as purchasing, investment, and deployment infrastructure of network, server, software/website construction project, IT service design project, ERP project, ISO 27000.
6. To know how to organize and manage the overall IT solution project via the sample projects such as ERP, BI, KM.
7. To have knowledge to take part in the professional project management exam.


 i.   IT Project Team Leader
ii.   IT Deputy Manager
iii.  IT Manager
iv.  IT Director/CIO
v.   Those who would like to become a professional IT project administrator .


Module01: How To Manage IT Project Successfully
Module02: Build The Relationship In Project Team
Module03: Develop The Project Proposal
Module04: Manage The Project Requirement
Module05: Make Project Planning In Detail
Module06: Deploy and Control IT Project
Module07: 10 Sample IT Projects
(Software/ ERP/ BI/ ITSM/ ISO27000/ SharePoint Portal)



 i.  The standard materials of the Infochief institute (Vietnamese language)
ii.  Reference document (English)

  Training methods

The experts will apply the following training methods to convey the contents:
   i.  Open discussion
   ii. Case study
   iii. Self-assessment
   iv. Mini-lecture

Difference of the training methods at Infochief

- Coaching based on the actual management models
- Practice training in line with the requirements of each position
- 100% is to practice the actual skills required by the daily work at the workplace
- To assure that after the training course, learners are confident at their work
- Senior staff are given priority for being introduced to our partners

Upon completion of the course : It is a must for the learners to complete a project at the end of the course, the aim is to assess the ability to apply the training contents to the actual working environment.

Graduation certificate : To be granted by INFOCHIEF with national validity