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Looking back at the studying and working period in the past 2 months, we got lots of information shared by the teachers about their actual experience and forms to organize and improve the IT system for enterprises. Moreover, the IT person himself also understands his future career path, the core value of IT occupation which we are in pursuit of with great passion of the technology lovers. This is a really good guideline for us to improve IT models of enterprises and how to develop them in line with the further expansion of enterprises.

Le Duc Huy, IT Manager, Sacombank, Tp.HCM

Thai Tuan Group

When being requested by the HR department to verify the contents and training partners, in terms of contents, I found it quite fine. However, I was a little bit reluctant as I did not know how to verify. After the first lesson, teacher Phuoc gave me confidence in the training partner, understanding about the role and responsibilities of an IT Director who is not a person purely understanding about technical aspects but also a talented manager. After the 2-month training course for an IT Director, it is rather a short program to absorb all things and apply all necessary skills and knowledge. However, thanks to the basic knowledge taught by the teachers, I know how to apply them in my daily work. 

Nguyen Xuan Dai, Vice Director of IT Center, Thai Tuan Group, HCM City


 Bearing the burning desire to understand more about the role and responsibilities of a professional IT manager, I have found training courses for soft skills on the Internet and information about the ITIL program. After comparing and giving a lot of thought over 02 programs provided by Infochief – IT Manager and the one of SaigonCTT-ITI, I made final decision to attend the program of Infochief. Initially, I was reluctant. However, only after two training sessions, I realized that my decision was right as this is the destination that can offer what I need and ponder about my management work. After this training course, the useful knowledge and experience about my job were communicated. I also made good friends at the training course. I believe that my classmates K04 and those as learners at Infochief will be more successful in the future and support their enterprises in applying and managing all IT activities in such a professional and efficient manner.

Nguyen Xuan Vinh, IT Manager, BIO-PHARMACHEMIE, HCM City

Nhiet Doi Hospital

After two months learning at Infochief, I found that the teams of Infochief are on the right track and this is a dedication of all members when compiling this training program. It seems that I systemize all of my knowledge, furthermore, useful lessons help me a lot with my job as an IT manager. I would like to thank you the teams of the Institute for creating favorable conditions for learners to join the program in the most optimal manner

Do Ngoc Minh, IT Manager, Nhiet Doi Hospital, HCM City

Before joining the training program, I did not really understand about the role of an IT Manager. This training course helps me to gain valuable knowledge to support me with my IT management work. Participating in this course, I had chance to be closer with the more experienced persons in the IT field, gaining experience and sharing. I was impressed by the teachers who are very experienced, and dedicated of Infochief.

Le Phuong Thao, IT Officer, SAMCO, HCM City

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