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Essential Toolkits for IT Managers

(Forms are available to manage IT including: Forms, checklists, Templates, scorecards, Procedures, Flowchart, Guidance, Samples, Rules, Policies, Questionaire, Assessment, comparision chart, IT_services_catalog...)

  All of toolkits that you are provided

Management of IT infrastructure
1. Workstation - PC Desktop / Laptop Management
2. Server Management
3. Data - center  / Server Room Management
4. Data Storage Management - Data Backup
5. Network Management - LAN / WLAN / WAN
6. Software License Management

Management & Leadership IT organization
1. IT Organization Management
2. IT Staff Development
3. IT Helpdesk Management
4. IT Policy Development
5. IT Strategy Management
6. IT Budget Management
7. IT Project Management
8. IT Supplier Management
9. IT Risk Management

IT Service Management ( ITSM )
1. Assessment survey deploy IT services
2. Service Strategy
3. Design Service
4. Service Transition
5. Service Operation
6. Continual Service Improvement

Information Security Management ( ISMS )
1. Security policy
2. Organization of information security
3. Classification and control of assets
4. Security personnel
5. Physical security environment
6. Operational management and communication
7. Manage access control
8. Maintenance and development of the system
9. Management continuity of business operations
10. Compliance Management

Benefits of using IT management toolkits 
1. Easy to modify the template file (Word / Excel) is available and ready for use.
2.  The content is presented in full and practical professional high (which has been applied in many enterprises
3. Support for use directly via the phone / Email
4. The file was designed with available templates for most management activities, quality IT services..

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