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IT Strategy Planning
( Short term and long term IT strategy orientation in line with the business strategy )

Strategy and technology consultants of INFOCHIEF with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge gained from the big groups and organizations in the world can support government managers and leaders to be successful thanks to efficient IT strategies. We have an in-depth view of the international strategists, knowledge about the business line and profound understanding about the professional knowledge, we approach from different angles to help our customers to narrow the gap between business needs and IT solutions.

INFOCHIEF provides a comprehensive view and consultancy for customers in terms of investment opportunities in new technologies aimed at increasing business efficiency. With more than 100 talented IT experts and managers from various organizations, IFC works with project teams, sharing resources, knowledge and the best practice to recommend solutions for our customers.

Focusing on the current strategy service and the next solutions, our IT strategy research group provides the following possibilities:

1. Investment portfolio management (IT finance management): the finance management approach method is often combined with a gathering of tools to determine, forecast, control and summarize IT investments to a certain extent to respond to business risks, as well as the competition environment of other players. IT finance management provides benefits of balancing the used resources and IT needs, removal of surplus, and allowing for a better connection with the objectives of the business strategy.

2. Enterprise architecture (EA): INFOCHIEF will help IT leaders to have a comprehensive view about their business landscape, positioning applications, infrastructure, and information to support the main business strategies. Our integrated EA strategy will result in the improved business process, investment activities stabilization, better connection among departments, managing units, improved communications, and facilitating the competitiveness in the market.

3. Data integration strategy: as for organizations with information sharing strategy, we assure that our approach towards the data strategy and integration management process including instructions on implementation and analytical tools to help to assess the data of an organization and IT applicable environment management in the most optimal manner.

4. Enterprise 2.0. INFOCHIEF’s efforts are to help the government bodies and enterprises to maximize information sharing and cooperation ability in supporting their representative units and branches. Our approach provides an overall strategy for introduction of the integration new technology and inheritance, along with IT system communication to the business processes.

5. Strategic plan: INFOCHIEF helps organization to build a draft strategic plan on how to apply IT to meet the tasks and requirements of the concerned parties. Our each phase plan setting method is based on supporting the organizations to clearly understand objectives of plans, scope, contribution and the users’ benefits (internal and external customers), defining vision, objectives, IT strategies and development, implementation and supervision of the action plans for their appropriate IT strategies.

6. Cloud computing: INFOCHIEF conducts research and taking the lead in proposing the cloud computing as a feasible option for government bodies and private sector who would like to focus on software storage management while avoiding IT system organization costs at the infrastructure related office, hardware and software maintenance. Working with our provided system and IT infrastructure to assure data safety, in terms of information security, data can be used at any place with internet connection aimed at bringing about practical application and efficiency everywhere.


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