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ITIL / ITSM Process Implementation 
( IT service management processes standardization as per ITIL )

Our ITIL process consultancy service concentrates on IT processes such as support management, confidentiality management, incident management, IT activities management, configuration, release, ability, availability management. We work closely with our customers to optimize their IT infrastructure by focusing on the core processes, related technologies and human resources, helping customers to control costs and improve customer service levels for their business the processes designed as per ITIL to help you to control your IT infrastructure under the following 4 steps:

1. Evaluation

Our consultancy service helps you to define the priority level for the areas that need to be renovated reasonably as in reality, all things cannot be renovated at the same time. By quickly determining specific processes that need to be innovated immediately along with the related costs, we provide you with a clear picture about what needs to be executed without delay, what should be achieved at what stage. We fully analyze the loopholes or shortcomings, weaknesses in the current IT infrastructure as a base to provide you with the future processes that need to be established for your IT infrastructure.

2. Design and architecture

If you are having plan to upgrade or overhaul your current IT infrastructure, you need an independent expert in assisting you in making accurate business support decisions.
Our IT system design and architecture consultancy service assures the most optimal process solutions, meeting your organizational business needs. Our comprehensive approaching methods help you to develop your business case, selecting and deploying the right tools, training resources from understanding to ITIL process experts for your business and project risk management in an appropriate manner.
We help you to purchase and deploy many products as well as systems with professional solutions in line with your specific processes. Furthermore, we provide high end infrastructure management service.

3. Deployment

If you need support to deploy and manage your organization restructuring, our deployment service (by applying structure of the standard ITIP processes) will help you to be successful in changing the IT system operating processes aimed at comprehensive support of the business activities.

We can deployment techniques, testing and training all operating locations as well as training the human resources such as users/security and assets management and supporting users, making critical contribution to your success in process innovation.

4. Management

To assure continuous success for your IT environment, we can provide you with ITIL consultancy process, the first class for management knowledge and conveying experience to help you to be confident to manage your IT system. You can gain the following benefits:
- To facilitate the competitive advantage
- To attach IT strategies with the overall business strategy
- Managing and minimizing risks and costs
- Quicker change implementation
- Improving reliability and readiness of IT service
- Innovation provides customers with the full satisfaction
- Integration of suppliers and partners with focused services .

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