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Training as per request of enterprises (In-house)

- Apart from the public training model regularly held at the Head Office of Infochief, we also provide trainng services as requested by each domestic and international enterprise, referred to as the “in-house training)
- These training courses are designed specifically in line with request made by each enterprise, such training activities are often held at the Head Office of the requester
- With the motto, each training course is a motivation to the positive changes of organizations, improving and developing the professional capacity, cultural base and working skills for each staff, each department and the whole company staff carde
- From the establishment, “in-house training” of INFOCHIEF has been rapidly developed and we have provided such services for many domestic and international groups in which there is a cooperation model that Infochief is considered as a “Training department” for their own organizations
-Being aware of the benefits gained by customers only when the training course really causes a positive change in the organizational structure and operations of corporate customers, this can be only achieved when Infochief is side by side with its partner “before-during-after” the training course.


To register for any in-house training courses, companies follow 8 steps as below:

Step 1. Enterprises send their [
Training request] to the email address:Info@infochief.com.vn

Step 2. The training support department will contact enterprises for information confirmation about: business line, expected training contents, number of participants, estimated time and location

Step 3. Teachers/experts will contact for survey of the actual needs of enterprises in detail: participants, training contents of the modules, training materials, training methods, objectives at the end of each module, overall objective at the end of the training course, estimated timeframe

Step 4. The training support department sends in-brief information about contents of the overall training course, training objectives, training process, trainers, quotation of the training course, and training contracts to enterprises.

Step 5. Training contract signing

Step 6. Teachers prepare training materials as requested , presenting training contents and plan to the enterprises

Step 7. Deploying the training plan and post-training result report

Step 8. Consulting, supporting after training within the scope of the training contents free of charge – training course completion.


Location and time: To be arranged by your enterprise without any influences on the daily work

Training contents:
To be designed specifically for each operating model, characteristics of each enterprise

Transportation saving costs

Discussion method:
Discussion groups will focus on handling practical case study at their enterprises for practical application to their daily work without delay .