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IT System Check & Assessment
( How your IT system is installed and operated?)

No matter what your business is developing at what stage, problems can arise at any time in the IT environment: performance gap (surplus, deficiency, inefficiency…). What are the current outstanding issues and obstacles and how to overcome them? What is the investment cost? Without an evaluation period for determination, the enterprise will not know how to make an efficient investment while the budget is always limited.
INFOCHIEF developed processes and a tool set for comprehensive assessment of IT related issues. In which, our experts focus on assessing the business areas of enterprises and considering, assessing the current critical IT systems used by customers to serve their business, constructing a road map for their better application and creating a competitive advantage.
After the period of survey, analysis and assessment of business IT, we will provide our customers with detailed reports and present their technological situation, recommending solutions and areas (in priority) that need to be focused on for change and renovation.

Our focused contents for assessment of the IT system:
i.   Assessment of the overall IT infrastructure
ii.  IT system security assessment
iii. IT organizational model assessment
iv. IT system management and operation process assessment



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