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IT Policies And Procedures Development
( Compliance with the best business support IT policies )

1. IT policies and procedures act as a critical base for information security and confidentiality for any enterprises

Infochief can help you to construct IT use policies and procedures added in your overall business strategy, supporting you to maintain the compliance with the current rules and regulations. IT policies include reports related to the right use of hard ware and soft ware equipment, IT service… distinguishing the performance of the assigned tasks and administration procedures, giving instructions on acceptance of use.
- IT policies must be clearly defined about responsibilities of the users, staff, IT administrator, IT manager and to be executed, supervised by confidentiality management tools or the penalty measures.
- IT procedures are to provide solutions for work performance assurance related to IT system application as per the set standards

We believe that the policies and procedures obtain the best business support use efficiency when they are designed concisely, easy to remember, easy to implement and comply. We will work with you to develop such policies and procedures based on each business line, reality and business needs of organization, culture and management style.

2. Please contact us without delay to exchange the needs for planning and development of IT use policies and procedures for your business
- We can:
1. Define and develop the necessary IT policies and procedures for safe support of information, continuous business activities of your business
2. Support to construct an IT manual for users
3. Consider, re-assess the current IT policies and procedures and define contents that need to be changed for better compliance .

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