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IT Management Re-structuring
( IT management model standardization)

1. IT organization and IT operating model restructuring
Business activities of enterprises always change and develop. The IT department or organization should be under restructuring in such a flexible manner in terms of human beings, process, technologies aimed at meeting the current business objectives as well as responding to the changing needs of enterprises. An appropriate IT operating model will provide flexibility from provision of the best IT support service to demonstrating the key role of technical administrators and high ranking position of the IT apparatus so best support business activities. Our consultancy service will define the necessary changes in the IT organization in the future with orientation towards various operating models based on human beings, process and technology.

- People: The necessary skills required to support business activities and technological infrastructure as well as bindings between IT staff and the business
- Process: What important business processes that require IT department to focus on to support customers and responsibilities of the IT organization
- Technology: What the most appropriate IT infrastructure is to support the business process

2. Our approach
We will work with you to define an IT operating model in line with your objectives, business line and management size by:
1. Determining needs by surveying the whole operating model, the actual system and management
2. Assessing and analyzing the collected data and starting to develop the IT operating model that can support the objectives, business strategies and size of enterprises. We compare the proposed models against the IT model trend via benchmark and other reference company models
3. Developing some models into a specific system and the necessary parameters in terms of human beings, process and technology including organizational chart (by functions), technological diagram, definition of needs, role and responsibilities of the human resources and all necessary processes
4. Proposing estimated models for development in the next phase
5. Determining a roadmap for implementing changes, including change management plan to obtain good results as expected

3. Our hand-over results
- A general document set includes: survey, assessment and analysis, recommending an appropriate IT operating model consisting functional organizational chart, technological diagram, definition of needs, role and responsibilities of the human resources and all IT system operating processes; measurement and efficient assessment methods for IT organization
- One file PowerPoint as a presentation on findings of the situation and proposal of the new model as a replacement as well as change deployment method.


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