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Học viên nói về khóa học

"Tôi có cơ hội để học hỏi, tiếp cận được những kỹ năng quản lý mới, tạo nền tảng cơ bản vững chắc cho sự phát triển nghề nghiệp quản lý cũng như lãnh đạo CNTT của tôi."
Le Phi Nhien, IT Manager, ALTUS, HCM
"Phương pháp huấn luyện với tiêu chí chia sẽ, trao đổi giữa thầy và trò giúp cho học viên tự tin trong suy nghĩ và ra quyết định của mình. Đề án cuối kỳ khá thú vị và bổ ích !"
Luong Khanh, IT Deputy Manager, OCB, HCM
"Nội dung đào tạo không tập trung vào kỹ thuật, công nghệ mà chú trọng chủ yếu về các giá trị, lợi ích mà IT đem lại cho hoạt động kinh doanh của doanh nghiệp"
Vo Thanh Luan, IT Manager, CK MIEN NAM, HCM
"Chương trình học này giúp cho tôi một cái nhìn tổng thể, sự thay đổi toàn diện về cách suy nghĩ, phương pháp lập kế hoạch, triển khai và đánh giá kết quả."
Nguyen Thanh Hien, IT Manager, VNPT, LONG AN
"Tôi đã được trang bị khối lượng kiến thức rất lớn, có khả năng hỗ trợ cho sự phát triển nghề quản trị CNTT hiện nay và trong tương lai, chương trình thật sự bổ ích"
Le Phu Hoang, IT Manager, BMW Importer, HCM

Sách dành cho CIO

7 Kỹ năng lãnh đạo CIO
Tác giả : Graham Waller, Karen Rubenstrunk, George Hallenbeck
Người lãnh đạo CIO mới
Tác giả : Marianne Broadbent, Ellen Kitzis
Kinh doanh IT thực tế
Tác giả :
Richard Hunter, George Westerman
Trang chủ E-books Sách quản lý IT

Sách quản lý IT (E-books)

Các tài liệu sách quản lý IT tham khảo

   Contemporary C.I.O


   Enterprise Architecture A to Z


The role of the chief information officer is very challenging because one must be comfortable with many managerial styles, interpersonal, informational, and  decisional. From business knowledge, change management, and interpersonal skills to technologist, all are discussed in this book, ...


This material is based on the author’s hands-on practice in the architecture, grid computing, and networking arenas that spans three decades.....


ISBN: 9789080671331


ISBN: 9789087530426


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   Global I.T management digital  economy


   Information Assurance Architecture


It's provides comprehensive coverage of the most important issues, concepts, trends, and technologies in the field of the emerging sub-discipline of global information technology (IT) management  ...


You will learn how to think about these and many other aspects of information assurance. Information Assurance Architecture is more a philosophy of IA than a how-to for IA—a philosophy that provides insight on how to think about IA in context of the entire organization (the enterprise)....


ISBN: 0273686550


ISBN: 9780113309184


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   I.T Disaster Recovery Planning


   I.T Manager handbook


Book to help you plan for and prepare your systems, processes, and people for an organized response to a disaster when it strikes. You can make your systems more resilient, meaning you’ll need less effort to recover them after a disaster, ...


This book introduces you to the many key concepts you will face as a new information technology (IT) manager. It also provides you with suggested methods for dealing with many of the large issues that arise, including specific recommendations for actions as well as places to look for further help,....


ISBN: 9789077212868


ISBN: 9781591392538


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   Manage I.T as a business - Survival for C.E.Os


   Managing I.T in small business


This book will prove invaluable to CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, business-unit leaders, consultants, and researchers who seek a practical, research-grounded guide to running IT as a business...


Challenges and Solutions is to showcase the wide variety of  research being carried out in the area of small business and IT. In doing this, the book examines the challenges facing small businesses in their use of IT and the solutions that are being proposed....


ISBN: 9789077212264


ISBN: 9780875847474


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   The executive's guide to I.T


   The I.T/ Digital legal companion


The way companies manage the transition to ondemand, or utility, computing model—the way they coordinate their internal resources with those supplied over the new computing grid, ...


This book will empower you to:
Understand the interaction of law, business, and technology. Exploit emerging technologies and intellectual property (IP) assets.
Build and reinforce positive relationships with other companies.


ISBN: 9789087530471


ISBN: 9781903091326


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    The I.T regulatory and standard compliance handbook


   Breakthrough I.T


This book provides comprehensive methodology, enabling the staff charged with an IT security audit to create a sound framework, allowing them to meet the challenges of compliance in a way that aligns with both business and technical needs....


Breakthrough IT is the first book to look beyond the technologies that have  been the focus of the IT industry. Instead of technology as the only tool of the IT organization, Breakthrough IT considers technology as only one method for instituting business change ....


ISBN: 9780113308705


ISBN: 9781903091371


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   From business strategy to I.T action


    I.T Governance A Manager's Guide to Data Security


This book applies the original Information Economics philosophy to all of the activities in which business and IT management are engaged together—planning, innovation, prioritization, alignment, performance measurement, and portfolio and culture management....


This book is of particular benefit to board members, directors, executives, owners and managers of any business or organization that depends on information, that uses computers on a regular basis, that is responsible for personal data or that has an internet aspect to its strategy.....


ISBN: 0974080810


ISBN: 0974080802


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   The I.T Manager survival guide


   I.T Financial Management


The IT Manager’s Survival Guide addresses a range of common issues and provides a number of suggestions and techniques for management....


IT financial management deals with the amount, the funding, the question how it is spent and the control of the money that organizations put in IT  ...


ISBN: 9781578512508


ISBN: 9781578512508



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