IT ServiceDesk is a department as the only single point of contact with the users and the IT section. Evaluation, measurement of success of the supporting activities of the IT department include: service quality, satisfaction and the IT service users. Therefore, to serve customers the best: To understand needs of customers, facilitating the satisfaction level about the IT service quality, service attitude, service renovation…. Service Desk Analyst training course is designed to help participants to have professional knowledge and working skills for IT Service Desk staff.

Our training course encourages the participation in the group discussions of the learners to make sure that they understand fully and clearly the role and responsibilities of the Service Desk. Learners will study more about the significance of the customer relation management, the related experience, necessary skills that each expert should have to main and develop the good relationship with customers and the internal departments of the company.


 i. The necessary skills to support customers and the internal departments of the company efficiently as per the “best practice” of SDI
ii. To fully understand about the core process in IT service management and the role of Service Desk
iii. To develop techniques to handle the arising issues for customers and internal departments in the most optimal manner
iv. To understand the technical parameters in Service Desk, service agreements, customer feedback survey, the latest analytical technology and tools

  What the learners gain and can do after the training course ?

1. To clearly understand responsibilities of IT service support staff, thoroughly grasp activities of Service Desk
2. To understand fully IT service provision process in organization, methods and support skills for IT service levels
3. To know how to use critical and appropriate service desk tools for customer support service
4. To clearly understand about IT service desk processes and procedures
5. To know how to construct and implement IT service Desk activities measuring tools in such an efficient manner to improve the service quality
6. Being able to design teams and organizations of the service desk apparatus to support and know skills to work with the support team efficiently
7. To develop IT service desk professionally


 i.  Helpdesk/Service Desk
ii.  IT department
iii. Technical support department
iv. Customer support section
v.  Call center
vi. Customer Service


Module 1: ServiceDesk Overview

- Technical support development
- Service desk development in the technical department
- Elements help the service desk to be successful
- Why customer service is the ultimate goal of service desk

Module 2: ServiceDesk Activities

- Difference of customer service and organization support
- Responsibilities of service desk
- Role of service desk from the internal perspectives
- Role of service desk from the external perspectives
- Focusing and dispersing challenges of service desk
- Challenges in management of service desk and cost center and benefit center
- Role of outsourcing in support

Module 3: Role and Responsibility of ServiceDesk

- Service Desk classification
- Requirements for skills for successful support
- Service Desk management opportunities
- Support role in Service Desk
- Typical features of a successful team

Module 4: ServiceDesk Process & Procedure
- Process analysis and assessment
- Method to apply standard models and process
- The best quality management models
- The best service quality management models
- The general operating process of Service Desk
- The Service Desk related processes and procedures
Module 5: ServiceDesk Tools and Technologies

- Technologies for construction of ServiceDesk
- Tools for ServiceDesk managers
- Relations between processes and technologies
- ServiceDesk technology selecting steps

Module 6: KPI for Measures of ServiceDesk Efficiency

- Classification of data managed by Service Desk
- KPI for measurement of productivity of groups
- KPI for measurement of personal productivity
- Ways that individuals make contribution to the group targets

Module 7: ServiceDesk Organization Development

- Concerned elements of the position and organizational structure of Service Desk
- Cost for developing of Service Desk organization
- Recruiting and training Service Desk staff
- Service Desk to improve the working space
- Working habits for success

Module 8: Professional ServiceDesk Career Development

- Service Desk trend and job orientation
- Methods applied to maintain the technical skills and management skills
- Methods to develop the professional service desk occupation


 i.  The standard materials of the Infochief institute (Vietnamese)
ii.  Reference document (English)

  Training methods

The experts will apply the following training methods to convey the contents:
    i.  Open discussion
    ii. Case study
    iii. Self-assessment
    iv. Mini-lecture

  Difference of the training methods at Infochief

- Coaching based on the actual management models
- Practice training in line with the requirements of each position
- 70% is to practice the actual skills required by the daily work at the workplace
- To assure that after the training course, learners are confident at their work
- Senior staff are given priority for being introduced to our partners

Training Schedules

 Starting date Duration Time Fee      Register

Call 6 Session 8h30 - 16h30 7,500,000 VND HCM
Preferential Condition "The preferential fee” is applied to payment made at least 10 days prior to the starting day of the training course
Duration 6 Sessions

Upon completion of the course : It is a must for the learners to complete a project at the end of the course, the aim is to assess the ability to apply the training contents to the actual working environment.

Graduation certificate : To be granted by INFOCHIEF with national validity


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