Computerization process in the Vietnamese organizations and enterprises today has still taken place at a rapid pace. Many bodies are willing to make huge investments in IT projects with desire to improve the competitiveness in the context of international integration, serving customers or citizens better, making partial contribution to putting a new face on the national socio-economic landscape.

However, there are very few successful computerization projects, the majority encountered challenges or was a failure. One of the main reasons behind making IT projects fall into difficult situation lies in the fact that the IT experts are surplus while there is a lack of professional managers with long term vision and dedication to manage, organize and lead the IT department at units and bodies.

This training program is designed to help organizations and enterprises to shape the basic findings about IT, role, importance of IT managers and leaders of the IT apparatus today. This training course is also considered as an instruction as a supporting tool for the IT staff to determine their role and responsibilities as a base to build appropriate IT strategies, managing financial resources, human beings, processes better. This program is designed specifically for CIO, IT Leaders in state owned enterprises.


 i. Overall knowledge about information system (hardware, software, network, database) in organizations
ii. To apply IT in managing the administrative-government organizations
iii. Deployment process for IT projects .


 i. Information leaders in departments, branches and industries under state owned enterprises
ii. CIO/Information infrastructure and IT manager
iii. IT experts in state owned enterprises


Module 1: Fundamental definitions on information system
Module 2: Legal framework on IT of Vietnam
Module 3: Perception of the role of a CIO
Module 4: Role of IT and IT development orientation
Module 5: IT organization and policies making
Module 6: IT development strategies formation
Module 7: IT resources organization and development
Module 8: Electronic services development
Module 9: Information system management
Module 10: IT project management
Module 11: Change and technology management
Module 12: Quality control and software development
Module 13: Working process management
Module 14: Construction and efficient management of the budget
Module 15: Investment efficiency assessment
Module 16: Web, Portal service technologies
Module 17: IT standardization work
Module 18: Electronic government solutions and architecture
Module 19: Solutions for data integration and information sharing
Module 20: Information security and confidentiality
Module 21: Customer relation management
Module 22: Intellectual property
Module 23: Outsourcing management
Module 24: Knowledge management and organization


 i.  The standard materials of the Infochief institute (Vietnamese)
ii.  Reference document (English)

Training methods

The experts will apply the following training methods to convey the contents:
i.  Open discussion
ii. Case study
iii. Self-assessment
iv. Mini-lecture

Difference of the training methods at Infochief

- Coaching based on the actual management models
- Practice training in line with the requirements of each position
- 70% is to practice the actual skills required by the daily work at the workplace
- To assure that after the training course, learners are confident at their work
- Senior staff are given priority for being introduced to our partners 

Training Schedules

 Starting date Duration Time Fee Preferential fee      Register

Call Sat, Sun 18h00 - 21h00 10,500,000 VND 9,500,000 VND HCM
Preferential Condition "The preferential fee” is applied to payment made at least 10 days prior to the starting day of the training course
Duration 20 Sessions

Upon completion of the course : It is a must for the learners to complete a project at the end of the course, the aim is to assess the ability to apply the training contents to the actual working environment.

Graduation certificate : To be granted by INFOCHIEF with national validity


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