Your enterprise needs to deploy ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and having difficulties with knowledge, experience and process of selection, assessment, deployment of this system. With this training program, learners will be equipped with the core knowledge and skills, case study for deployment of the typical actual ERP projects with efficient tools to help you to be confident and active to implement as requested by your enterprise.

The program is compiled and developed based on our extensive experience after many years working in the IT field of IT manager, CTO of financial groups, trade and production multinational companies in Vietnam, America, Europe, and Japan with research on other famous training materials of foreign CIO/training partners in the IT management field.


i.  To help learners to clearly understand each step for deployment of ERP
ii. To help learners with the core knowledge about the standard main functions in ERP (HR, finance, accounting, purchasing, selling, warehouse, production…)
iii. To grasp experience as well as management method on how an actual ERP project is deployed by the leading experts in Vietnam at present
iv. To help learners to plan ERP deployment project management planning on their own (from surveying the actual professional processes, developing plans to meet requirements, selection of contractors to project organization and management
v. To include the investment consultancy contents for enterprises, avoiding significant risks that can be regularly encountered in ERP project .

What learners gain and can do after the training course ?

1. To understand the core knowledge about benefits for ERP applied to the business production activities of enterprises
2. To have the overall knowledge about ERP: SAP, ORACLE, MS Dynamics.
3. To know how to construct an ERP investment project planning for enterprises, from consideration of a business strategy, analysis of enterprise needs to construction request for proposal (RFP)
4. To know how to organize bidding documents and ERP contractor selection
5. To understand the key principles in change management organization while deploying ERP project
6. To understand the overall processes to deploy an ERP project based on the methodology for successful deployment of ERP project (project preparation, analysis, designing and developing work, hand-over results, purchasing and collection process
7. To understand in detail and grasp the specific standard processes: warehouse management, production management, finance accounting management, compensation and benefit (C&B) management, business intelligence support
8. To plan an actual ERP management project at enterprises.


 i. CEO
ii.  IT Manager
iii. ERP Project Manager
iv. Finance Director/ chief accountant
v.  Those who would like to become an ERP consultant in the future


Module 1: Overview about ERP system
Module 2: ERP deployment organization and management
Module 3: ERP - Accounting and Finance
Module 4: ERP - Selling and monitoring receivables
Module 5: ERP - Warehouse and materials management
Module 6: ERP - Selling and monitoring payables
Module 7: ERP - Production management
Module 8: ERP system management - Critical management functions
Module 9: ERP solutions
Module 10: Topic at the end of the training course


i.  The standard ERP deployment project management document of Infochief (Vietnamese)
ii. Reference document (English)
iii. ERP deployment process support document for enterprises

Training methods

1. Training is conducted under instructions given by teachers as the highly experienced experts at ERP who took part in managing many ERP projects in Vietnam and the region
2. To combine theories and practice along with highly practical exercises which are compiled by experts and big exercises, projects for each module and at the end of the course
3. SAP is used during the training course (market share of ERP is the biggest in the world and is widely used by many enterprises) as a practising tool.

Training Schedules

 Starting date Duration Time Fee Preferential fee      Register

Call Sat, Sun 8h00 - 16h00 20,500,000 VND 19,500,000 VND HCM
Preferential Condition "The preferential fee” is applied to payment made at least 10 days prior to the starting day of the training course
Duration 20 Sessions

Upon completion of the course : It is a must for the learners to complete a project at the end of the course, the aim is to assess the ability to apply the training contents to the actual working environment.

Graduation certificate : To be granted by INFOCHIEF with national validity


1. Brochure


Detail Contents

Module 1:

- ERP development process
- What is ERP
- Why enterprises need to deploy ERP
- Features for identification of ERP solutions
- ERP process
- Risk trap when applying ERP



Module 2:

I. Selection of ERP solution
I.1 Systemization of needs
I.2 Solutions presentation

II. ERP Management
II.1 Plan and schedule for deployment of ERP
II.2 Organization of interactive ERP team
II.3 Deployed items and the core issues
III. Transferred documents
III.1 Materials for contracts and plans
III.2 Documents as summary of each phase
Module 3:

- The basic accounting knowledge; accounting functions needed for ERP system
- Accounting in ERP system, difference between financial accounting and administration accounting
- Accounting documents and reports in ERP system
- Checking and counter-checking accounting data
- Integrated relation of accounting in ERP system
Module 4:

- Procurement process and line of sales data in ERP system
- Sales management objectives and necessary set-up
- Documents and in-brief information/selling report/receivables in ERP system


Module 5:

- Warehouse process and integrated relation of the warehouse management module in ERP system
- Warehouse management objectives and necessary set-up
- Documents and in-brief information/report on export-import/transfer/inventories in ERP system
Module 6:

 - Procurement process and line of sales data in ERP system
- Purchasing process and line of purchasing data in ERP system
- Purchasing management objectives and necessary set-up
- Documents and in-brief information/payables in ERP system
- Integrated relation of purchasing module in ERP system
Module 7:

- Main objectives: Cost management and price calculation
- Cost forecast and adjustment
- How an estimated price and actual price are
- The core setup issues and complexity of module

Module 8:

- Backup/Restore
- Roles & Rights
- Menu
- Database management


Module 9:

- The foreign ERP solutions are used by teachers and consulting experts as an illustration for the related module


Module 10:

- Plans need to be prepared for ERP project
- The report on methods and preparation for deployment of an ERP project at enterprises.